Types Of Stands

Modular & Portable Exhibition Stands

Have you ever visited a trade show or any other exhibition and pondered that it appears to be a great deal of work to make such imaginative modular exhibition stands. While the facts confirm that presentation stands need to be watched unmistakably to stick out, stand originators don't need to waste time to construct a frame each time they set off.

Standard layouts fill in as a base for planners to fully explore their stand-plan thoughts. These formats can be viewed as stand types, and they are typical for any display show on the planet. The phrasing contrasts, however, stand types generally continue as before. 


The significance of choosing the right type

There is one basic explanation for choosing the appropriate stand type- your budget. Your financial plan decides which sort of stand you can bear. Other fundamental elements incorporate your marketing objective, the recurrence of your show presence, area, and floor space. These include the ease of use of your display stand plan, which, like this, completes the stand type that is generally reasonable for your show appearance. Over the years, Mystique has gained experience in Event Management Service for creating different kinds of stands like mall activation standsportable exhibition standsdouble decker exhibition stands, and numerous others. 


The types of exhibition stands

  • Shell scheme stands- These stand types are low-spending plans, low-exertion choices. Shell design stands are given in terms of professional career show coordinators. Its program seems as though an entire line stands still with no intention to tweak in any capacity. Exhibition coordinators give the divider boards, covering, and a sash, typically with the organization's name across the top. They are minimal expense and occupy no room except for the final product which can look pretty put together. Either aluminum shafts will separate your marking, or boards could skew.
  • Bare space stands- A bare space stand implies that the exhibitor has leased a clear floor space for building their show stand. It gives the most choices to building customized show stands. For example, you can set up a rental frame or a custom one. You will require the assistance of a show stand configuration organization to design out and fabricate your exhibition stand. 
  • Modular stands- A modular frame is a framework that permits you to associate different boards together to make one-of-a-kind, realistic cladded shapes. They are reusable, and to some degree, reconfigurable anyway. However, they are very restricted as far as item display and AV choices. The final product is an enormous showcase that accommodates your space.
  • Pull-up and pop-up stands- As a minimal expense answer for exhibition, you will regularly see first-time exhibitors go through these stands inside a shell plot space. These kinds of stands leave you with an independent realism that you can position on your floor space. 
  • Custom-built stands- Exclusively constructed exhibition stands get worked in light of your plan. You can have practically any shape or design that you need. These are the most outrageous displays yet are viewed as a simple course on the expo floor. Regularly, the materials utilized will be unreasonable and, without a doubt, to wind up in avoidance after the show. Most people find these stands appropriate for promotional stands for malls

Looking for exhibition stand design makers in Dubai?

Do you own a business and wish to participate in the forthcoming Dubai trade show or expo? If you said yes, you've probably thought of the Dubai-based producers of portable exhibition stands. Undoubtedly, you are aware of the difficulty in drawing people to the booth and getting them to appreciate it. It takes a lot of labor and creativity to get the desired results and rewards. Thankfully, Dubai is home to a knowledgeable business that offers top-notch booth design and construction.


A business that can help you establish your reputation!


Mystique Exhibitions has a reputation for creating exhibition stand designs that are high-quality, durable, and visually attractive. Exhibition stand designers at Mystique Exhibitions are incredibly skilled, informed, experienced, and innovative. We have years of expertise creating exceptional promotional stands for malls around the UAE, not just in Dubai.


In order for you to concentrate on reaching your presentation objectives, we work to make your exhibition experiences in the UAE as easy as possible. We have also been assisting several companies in the UAE for many years. Our expertise and experience enable us to plan and carry out exhibits that capture the interest of the intended audience. Every customer is made to feel special by the Mystique team. As a consequence, we concentrate on leading and closing sales in order to enhance the visitor experience.


We understand that, contrary to what their manuals may suggest, consumers define a company. We are an exhibition and event planning company that is dedicated to motivating businesses via the connections we build. We comprehend the brand's essence and design outstanding displays around it to offer the brand its language and image. Whether it is a small exhibition or a large custom event, we develop arrangements to be regarded favorably and associated with our event management service.


Free of charge, beautiful and original arrangements for your stands

We provide free designs and quotes for your display stands, such as mall activation stands. We can help you make the most of your events in the UAE thanks to our extensive industry expertise.


One of Dubai's most well-known design and construction firms, Mystique Exhibitions, also offers extremely original, affordable, reliable, and effective solutions and services for complete exhibition management. The goal is for you to maximize your investment in the event and for your brand value to rise as a result of your involvement.


Our services include designing & fabrication of Custom, Portable, country pavilion Exhibition stands, double-decker exhibition stands, and modular exhibition stands. We also offer Stage backdrop rentals, Audio visual equipment rentals, Furniture rentals, Graphics printing & installation, and fabrication of Retail Kiosks and Outdoor Kiosks in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. The exceptional quality of our services has made us a well-known and much sought-after name among exhibition stall designers in Dubai. So, with Mystique exhibits, get ready to put your mark on the show.

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